Route suggesting an app for cyclist


This app provides the best available route suggestions to cyclists in all kind of environments. It also suggests best stops for cyclists for a break e.g., cafe or restaurants on their cycling route.


UX , UI Design  |  Mobile App

​My Role

I worked as a UX designer for this project. Some of my responsibilities included :

  • Conduct user and market research and analysis.
  • Identify the user and their needs.
  • Facilitate ideation and design decisions.
  • Create a wireframe and interactive prototype.

Business Goals

Identified business goals; then identify usability goals that help to develop the UX vision and strategy.

  • Launch app in the market which lets cyclists find the best routes and stops on route.
  • Increase subscriptions and visits.

Project Goals

  • Provide better user experience for user through the app.
  • Motivates user to take more & more rides on multiple routes.
  • Improve cycling experience for the user.

User Research

At this phase, I conducted some user interviews with the users to identify their needs. Following is a summary of the interview output :

How frequently does the user use the app while cycling and for route checking?


Pain Points

“Every time I decide to ride on new route, I have to check manually for cafes or restaurants on route.”


How might we provide an experience for the user to find route and restaurants or cafe in one place?

Pain Points

“I like to ride on new locations, but I don’t always have time to find routes manually.”


We could provide multiple route suggestions for the user to improve the user experience for the rider.

Competitive Analysis

Task Flow

High Fidelity Design

UI Specification

UI Design

App Feature

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