• Client

    EdgeTensor and Dolphin Digital
  • Role

    App Redesign
  • Year

  • Platforms

  • Software Used

    Adobe XD, Zeplin


This is a tablet app which is to be installed in public cabs or taxi’s where customer can play through and earn some coupons while reaching to destination. This is app which is to be installed in public cabs. The customer can play through the app while they are reaching to the destination. This app also provides a sponsor ads which helps user to get free coupon on various services and products and client to earn money through sponsors.

Existing Design

My Role

I worked as a UX/UI designer for this project. Some of my responsibilities included :
- Review the existing design from user experience and user interface design point of view.
- Recreate the existing flow and suggest new features.
- Create a wireframe and interactive prototype.
- Provide high fidelity design and style guide for developer.

Business Goal

Design a app which has lot of ads but that should not be overwhelming for user and keep them engage to the app. The more users click on ads more the revenue will generate for sponsors.

Project Goals

- Redesign a existing app with better user experience, look and feel.
- Redefine the user task flow.
- Get feedback from client and update design accordingly.
- Create interactive prototype for client and developer.

New and Improvised Design

I improvised the existing design and suggested the new features which helps us to keep users engage to the app and earn money out of this apps.

Identified the areas to display Ads without overwhelming user

I figured out few spaces on app according to Ad types. There are two types of ads one is Free Ads which does not generate any revenue. It usually contains google and facebook Ads. Second is Sponsor ads which helps client to make revenue. It contains Ad’s uploaded by client.

Earn Coupon Through App

This app has feature where user can earn a coupon or discount on services or products provided by other sponsors. User can play games and earn coupon through it and send it their email.