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    Sketch, Invision


This website helps the user to find clinical trials nearby and all their information at one place. Finding paid clinical trials online is not a big deal, but finding one which shows user risk and benefits of participating, providing actual users feedback, and how to get benefits from it is important.


There are many ways to find out about clinical trials. Some people who take part in clinical trials do so after hearing about them from their doctors. People with cancer actively look for clinical trials online, hoping to find more options for treatment. So, we wanted to create a platform where people can easily find clinical trials nearby and all over the globe. But finding trial is not the only thing, but we also wanted to connect with the user and assures them trials they are enrolling are safe enough to participate.

Business Goals

Identified business goals; then identify usability goals that help us to develop the UX vision and strategy.
- Provide a single platform to find all kind of paid trials.
- Increase subscriptions and visits.
- Make the user feel comfortable to enroll for trial.


Our aim was to provide a user experience that solves the following challenges :
- Emotionally connect with users.
- Provide an easy way to find trials online.
- Helps user to earn more money out of it.

Project Goals

- Provide an experience that lets the user find trials nearby and all over the world.
- The feature that lets a user earn more money even if they don’t qualify.
- Deliver a responsive experience.

Discovery and Research

At this phase of design, we collected data that would help to understand challenges, understanding actual user needs and pain points.

What are Clinical Trials?

Clinical trials are scientific studies conducted to find better ways to prevent, screen for, diagnose, or treat disease.

Why Do People Enroll for Clinical Trials?

Clinical trials are part of clinical research. People participate in clinical trials for a variety of reasons. It could be medical conditions, money or desire of helping others.

Healthy Volunteers

Participate to contribute towards research and help others.

People with Medical Condition

To receive the newest treatment and get treated.

Job Seeker

To maintain the cost of living and other expenses.

What prevents people from participating?

- Experimentation fears.
- Physicians as a Barrier.
- Negative attitude towards clinical trials.
- Lack of information/awareness about clinical trials.
- Concerns about cost including lack of insurance coverage.
- Barriers Specific to the Elderly.
- Concerns about quality of life issues, e.g. loss of autonomy, side effects, and loss of functional       capacity.


Understanding of business needs, we also considered mainly user needs and pain points helped us to design a better experience. Designing users pain points helped us in making informed design decisions.

Pain Points

“I want to find trials near my location.” How might we provide an experience that lets the user search trials near his location as well as worldwide?
“I want to know it’s safe to enroll.” It’s the obvious concern of everyone if it’s safe to enroll for trial. We could show risk and benefits of participation at the time of enrollment.
“Before enrolling, I want to know what involves in clinical trial process.” How might we let the user search for a trial by a medical condition that allows them to enroll to get themselves treated?
“Is it possible to look for trial the same as my medical condition.” How might we let the user search for a trial by a medical condition that allows them to enroll to get themselves treated?

User Scenarios

Jenna is a fashion design intern who has recently moved to Florida and living in sharing an apartment. She is looking for part-time opportunities to earn extra money to cover expenses. While searching online, she found lots of recruiters who provide paid clinical trials. After having look at some websites, she got confused about the amount is getting paid, hidden protocols and risk & benefits of participation.

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