NRI Shaadi

An Indian community was created for Indians who want to get arranged married in USA


NRI Shaadi is an exclusive Indian community created specifically to help Indians who are looking to get arranged married in the US with someone who is also born and brought up in India and now in the USA.
With all the crowded matrimony websites, we aim at building something simple and making it easy for how people in the USA find each other.

My Role

Branding, Visual Design, Prototyping

Team : 1 designer, 2 Product Managers

Duration and Type : 8 weeks | Product Design, UI Design

Tools : Figma, Zeplin, Asana, Slack, Miro


  1. Create web app interface design for users.
  2. Design a hybrid mobile app for users for quick access to profiles and chat features.
  3. Create brand elements such as a style guide and other elements.


The main challenge was to design a system by improving the user experience and user interface of the mobile and web app.

Relevant Color Palette

Since it’s an app for Indians looking for soulmates to get married, the colour palette needed to match with the Indian wedding theme. After doing multiple revisions we decided on pink and yellow colours as a primary palette.

Minimal Design

The stakeholder were looking for a minimal and impactful design for their app. I provided multiple design options before finalising the design theme.

Unavoidable Feature Set

The app needed to have a feature set which could not be avoided. We conducted a brainstorming session to comeup with the feature set.


I defined colour palette based on the Indian theme and also the font and typo with sizes for all devices to be used.


Color Palette

UI Elements

Mobile App

Seamless profile swiping and chatting with the matches experience.

Profile Swipe Feature

Chat Feature

Web App

These screens are from web version of a mobile app for user.

More Web App Screens



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